Brandy Esparza

Artist and Owner

I need to make! I will never know enough. I can't get enough dogs in my life. Any animal, really.

Brandy Esparza

Brandy is a multi-media artist and California native. She began Painted Wonderland in the early 2000s while she was working at a special FX shop as a mask sculptor and mold maker. She's currently designing and producing custom rugs and home decor. Brandy also makes mascot costuming and cosplay costumes on a commission basis.

Kyle Silber


Believe in yo self!

Kyle is a skilled craftsman originally from Des Moines, Iowa. He is the resident Macgyver! He is also a skilled sculptor and illustrator. He currently manages and runs his online business, Underdog Press. He's also usually the person stuck inside of Brandy's costume projects.

Our Shops

Painted Wonderland

We are currently producing things to make your living space artistic and unique. We are accepting commissions on custom rugs and wall pieces. Stop by the shop to see what's new.

Painted Wonderland on Etsy

Unique costumes, props for cosplay, face painting supplies, and more!

Underdog Press

Graphic Design and production for logos, business seals, stamps, embossers, and more.

Underdog Press on Amazon

Graphic Design and production for logos, business seals, stamps, embossers, and more.

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