This is a deposit for a consult, the final price will be quoted after discussing options. Deposit will apply to your balance. A hand-painted portrait of your furry friend is the best outfit your wall can wear! Your purchase includes an initial consult to begin a new design, a digital sketch (optional sneek peek) before your portrait is started, and a finished acrylic painting. Your original art is one of a kind and we aim to make it special and a little fun.
We'll take into account any colors or aesthetics that you might like, and any personality quirks or favorite activities your pet was into and make a unique finished painting . Different finish and detail options are available, including glitter or pearl backgrounds, satin finish or gloss coat. Let us know if there are any options that are must-haves for you!

Pet Portrait Consultation

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  • Immortalize your pet in an acrylic painting on an airbrushed or solid background of your choice. Customizations to fit your pal's personality are added with your input! Contact us for a consult and quote prior to purchasing this listing, as some customizations may change the final price.

    Available in several sizes and finish options like glitter, metallic, or gloss.